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Breaking free from yo-yo dieting


Breaking free from emotional eating 

The first steps to any permanent change to your unhealthy eating habits, is to discover where they come from, what they are, and remove them.

Hypnotherapy is used to remove all negative associations in the subconscious mind to food.

Binge eating, comfort eating, over eating, cravings and unhealthy eating habits are all dealt with. 

Eating disorders to include anorexia and bulimia can also be treated with Hypnotherapy.

Girl Eating Hamburger


Smaller stomach- Smaller portion sizes - Smaller you

By using a powerful and trusted hypnotic technique, your stomach can be reduced to a healthy size to aid in your weight loss.

This technique is as effective as having a surgical procedure like a gastric band, but has the added benefit of no hospital stay and NO side effects.

Diet Orange


Breaking free from unhealthy eating habits 

No more mindless eating. You will learn a unique mindful eating pattern to replace your old eating habits.

You will learn a the new way of only eating when you are actually hungry, and stopping before you are full. 

You will be able to leave food on your plate, not having to finish every meal even if you are full.

There are no forbidden foods, no calorie counting, no point systems to follow.

This new way of mindful eating will be programmed in your subconscious mind and you will do it automatically. 

You can enjoy your food again, guilt free.

Eating Out

I was looking to reduce my stomach which had stubbornly resisted my previous attempts to lose weight. What I got was a far wider experience of listening to my hunger and throwing away many of my previously ingrained habits around food. I only had a few sessions but the experience of the hypnotherapy within these sessions helped me to make quite fundamental changes that I feel sure will be with me for life. Thank you so much Nikki!


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