Breaking free from yo-yo dieting


Breaking free from emotional eating 

The first steps to any permanent change to your unhealthy eating habits, is to discover where they come from, what they are, and remove them.

Hypnotherapy is used to remove all negative associations in the subconscious mind to food.

Binge eating, comfort eating, over eating, cravings and unhealthy eating habits are all dealt with. 

Eating disorders to include anorexia and bulimia can also be treated with Hypnotherapy.

Girl Eating Hamburger

FANTASTIC RESULTS! I went to Nikki for help with weight loss and emotional issues, I can only say how happy I am to be succeeding after my therapy. Less than 4 weeks have gone by and I have lost 15lbs,and have become more confident, less anxious and no longer struggle like I did with my emotional problems.Nikki is a great councillor, and hypnotherapist and very professional. She makes you very welcome in a relaxed atmosphere, and I recommend her services to anyone that needs help. I was skeptical at first about the weight loss hypnotherapy, but less than 4 weeks and 15lbs lighter ... wow, I’m thrilled

Jacqueline M